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Types Of Wood

Old Man Pine

Old, or old man if you prefer, pine is quite different to plantation pine. They are both radiata, but as the tree ages the wood gets more dense. Plantation pine is rather like cheese, in colour and texture. Old pine is harder, denser, redder and from trees generally over 50 years old from farm shelter belts and burns generally as hot as our hotmix.


Our hot mix is a combination of hard medium density such as gum and soft fast burning wood such as pine. It may also contain oak, poplar, tea tree and black wattle. It is popular as it provides fast starting and long burning firewood. Hot-mix is our most common firewood supplied to homes.

Macrocarpa (Cupressus Macrocarpa)

Macrocarpa is a common firewood in New Zealand due to its medium heat output and ease to ignite. However, if you have an open fire and dislike sparks and ‘popping’ then this wood isn’t suitable for you.

Gum (Eucalyptus)

Gum is a hardwood and therefore is long and hot burning, we recommend starting the fire with a soft wood such as pine.

Black Wattle (Acacia)

Native to Australia, Black Wattle is an excellent firewood with a heat output similar to Gum but is not suitable alone for starting a fire